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Meet Obi One and Ozzy


Our 3.5 tonne horseboxes are both based on Renault Master vans. Our hirers have said how easy they are to drive and surprisingly economical, even with equine passengers on board!


Both horseboxes are the same, apart from the horse area partition arrangements described below.


The payload is 1200kg, with a full tank of fuel. This means that the total weight of your horses, plus driver, passengers, personal items, tack, food, water and other equipment must not exceed 1200kg.

There is also a limit of 750kg and 16.2hh on any individual horse to avoid injury or discomfort to the horse and damage to the horsebox.

Depending on the load being carried, the boxes have a range of approximately 350 miles on one tank of diesel.

The horseboxes each have a 6 speed manual gearbox. They are both equipped with a camera showing the interior of the box on a screen in the cab, enabling you to keep an eye on your precious cargo throughout your journey. The same screen is also used for the reversing camera.


The cabs can carry the driver plus up to two passengers. Dogs are allowed to travel in the cabs, but should be properly restrained for their safety.

Access to the horse area is via a drop-down ramp with barn doors above, on the near-side (passenger-side) of the box. The boxes are stalled for up to two horses, facing towards the rear of the box.

The horse area has windows and a roof vent, which can all be opened and closed to adjust ventilation, and a wall mounted light.

There is a large, lockable storage locker located over the cab roof, accessible from the horse area.

Obi One is equipped with a half-height partition and removable breast-bars.

Ozzy is equipped with a full-height partition and no breast bars.

Each horsebox has a groom's area at the rear, separated from the horse area by a full-height wall and door. The grooms' area has coat hooks and saddle hooks, as well as a dustpan and brush for removing any loose feed or hay. There is also a wall-mounted light.

In an emergency, horses can be evacuated through the rear of the horsebox through the full-width doors.

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